BMW Brings New i8 Spyder Concept At CES 2016

Smart watches were not just a thing of mainstream technology as the technology has launched to cars as well- BMW is one brand that has brought smart watches to its customers. Amongst the many technology items that it has launched, it has now brought the wearable technology called i8 Spyder Concept at the helm of automobiles.

The whole concept is meant to preview the new methods of interacting with a car and it is currently cooking up for the next-gen fleet. The concept in fact is the second i8 convertible concept, suggesting that a production version might be coming too in the near future. The whole Microsoft Band 2 Smartwatch concept was shown in the CES presentation, where it was revealed by Klaus Frohlich, chief at BMW that the company should start building it as soon as possible.

The main element, they say, is a gesture control system called the AirTouch that was announced seven days ago. AirTouch is an evolution of the gesture control system, which was debuted in 2016 at the BMW 7-Series, and it enables a control of navigation, entertainment and communication functions that use gestures made out of a flat hand. The version, however, in the 7 series reads only finger movements.

BMW says that the concept provides a preview of the networked car of the upcoming future and possibly the interface that it could bring. According to them, the main element is AirTouch, which is the gesture control system that was announced 7 days ago. According to reports, AirTouch allows control of navigation, entertainment and communication functions that use gestures made out of flat hand.  The new version reads the finger movements only.

By making these set hand movements on the center console, where the special sensors can read movements and translate commands, the driver will be able to control different vehicle functions. The information is given back through a heads up display and the main instrument cluster and a huge 21 inch panorama display will be located right in front of the driver.

The production has been confirmed by AirTouch but they say that the systems will make a lot more sense, as the vehicles will start to have a lot more autonomous capability. The BMW I Future Interaction has a version of the planned autonomous driving system planned by BMW.

The BMW I Future Interaction also has an edition of BMW’s planned autonomous driving system. BMW hasn’t provided a lot of details about the area but it says that the future cars will allow the drivers to choose from three different options: Pure Drive, Assist and Auto Mode. Pure Drive is driving yourself, Assist is assistance systems intervene actively and highly automated operation.

Also on another i8 concept is Mirrorless, a new feature. This will do away with the standard side mirrors and rear view, which replaces them instead by the three cameras that project a picture of many different displays. According to BMW, the cameras will cover bigger viewing angles and it will also eliminate the blind spots. Moreover, the system will also evaluate the pictures and will provide a good response to hazards.