Saving You Time On Your Auto Body Work

It’s always a stressful experience being in a bad accident. You may have been injured, and now you have to deal with having your car fixed too. Did you know that your auto body shop can be your best resource for getting your vehicle repaired? They can’t take the lengthy process away, but they can [...]

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Keep Your Car Cool with Window Tinting

While tinting your automobile’s windows will improve its appearance, window tinting serves a variety of other purposes as well. It serves to provide comfort to the driver, particularly in warmer climates in the USA, as well as for drivers who may spend a lot of time on the road. There’s simply no way to put [...]

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Avoiding Auto Body and Collision Insurance Scams

Accidents always happen during the most stressful parts of our life. They happen when we’re overwhelmed at work and can’t afford to take time off to deal with injuries, or when we want to go on that big European vacation, but then the accident derails those plans. Having a car that has internal and external [...]

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Be Aware of Insurance Steering

It’s a touchy topic and one that you hope to never have to experience. Being in a vehicular accident can be one of the most stressful of life’s experiences. You’re injured, your car needs to be repaired, and now you have to deal with the insurance company. Basically, insurance steering is when your vehicle’s insurance [...]

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BMW Engineering Self-Driving Car

Most people have heard about Google testing their self-driving cars where the passenger simply steps in, tells the computer where they want to go, and the car assumes all driving duties. Now BMW has decided to engineer their own self-driving vehicle. Many people are as amazed by the technology required to realize the dream of [...]

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Should I Fix Tiny Scratches & Dents on My Vehicle?

There is always that dreaded moment when you drive a brand new vehicle off the lot. No, we’re not talking about it depreciating 15% the moment it’s off the lot—we’re talking about that first ding or scratch you get. It can be heartbreaking to see that first blemish on your brand new car. As your [...]

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Avoiding Auto Insurance Scams

Most people are inherently honest, particularly in the insurance world. If you’re ever in a car accident you admit that your door has some dents and dings not caused by the most recent accident. Often this can work to your benefit as the insurance adjuster may agree to have your entire door refinished without additional [...]

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Mercedes Has Finally Decided to Replace Robots with People

There are very few car makers that do not use robots in their assembly line. Robots are efficient and they can do repetitive tasks with high-degree of accuracy and little to no risk of errors. Mercedes-Benz has been using robots to make cars, but recently the company announced that those robots would be replaced with [...]

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What It Takes to Restore Classic Car

For some people, dream cars are those equipped with big engine and cutting-edge navigational system or convertible sport with turbocharged engine. For others, however, dream cars are the historical ones; cars from the past instead of glimpses of the future. When you dream of owning and driving a classic car from yesterdays, you cannot just [...]

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