More Detailed Look at Auto Detailing

When people hear about auto detailing, most will think about spraying new coat of paint, applying decals, or even paint brushing certain patterns to the body. Auto detailing is not about customization; it is a process that involves thorough cleaning of a car with the intention to highlight every little details, hence auto detailing. Both [...]

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5 Benefits of Car Detailing in San Diego

If you live in San Diego you may notice that there are dozens of car detailing businesses to choose from. Just what’s the attraction to having a car detailing shop do all the work for you? Can’t you just clean your car all by yourself? This may be true, but hiring a car detailing place [...]

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Preparing for Auto Body and Collision Estimates

Nothing is more stressful than being in a vehicular accident and then having to deal with a damaged car or truck. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, it’s still a pain dealing with insurance to obtain funds to get your car fixed. But before dropping your vehicle off at the first auto body shop [...]

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What Are the Details in Auto Detailing?

Many vehicle owners drop their cars, trucks, or vans off for auto detailing and never really consider the process. One moment the vehicle looks dull and grungy, and the next is bright, and sparkling clean. But many people simply glance through the list of services, and leave the auto detailer to their job. If you’re [...]

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Photography and Luxury Auto Detailing

Photography and Luxury Auto Detailing Many people who own luxury auto vehicles such as Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, and BMW may often enjoy the experience of photographing their vehicle. Photographing a vehicle is a lot like photographing a human, it can be tricky to make them look good, because the camera acts as a magnifying [...]

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BMW Brings New i8 Spyder Concept At CES 2016

BMW Brings New i8 Spyder Concept At CES 2016 Smart watches were not just a thing of mainstream technology as the technology has launched to cars as well- BMW is one brand that has brought smart watches to its customers. Amongst the many technology items that it has launched, it has now brought the wearable [...]

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Your Valuable Possession

Your Valuable Possession  Automobiles, whether a car or a bike, have become an object of flaunting one’s personality. People spend a lot on automobiles and expensive cars and bikes have become an inherent part of one’s everyday life. Automobiles are precious possessions, which demand care, maintenance and safety as well. Accidents can happen at any [...]

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