San Diego Porsche Specialist 

We know how much you love your Porsche and that’s why we want to make sure that you won’t have to go through a heart-wrenching and excruciating pain of undergoing repairs on your car that can last for days. Our San Diego Porsche specialist team can get your repairs done on the same day. We have a team of Porsche Specialists with recognized training that will take care of your Porsche whether it’s an older classic or the contemporary 911. Porsche drivers hold a high standard for performance and precision. There isn’t a doubt that Porsche has been able to produce a hefty collection of American favorites.

If you have any repairs required in the San Diego area, we have you got them covered. We ensure that every detail is closely watched for. We are passionate about Porsche cars and use high-tech, top-of-the-class equipment and tools to get you the most accurate repairs.


Excellent Customer Service

We get along with our customers till the very end. We don’t just repair your Porsche but ensure that you get the best after-sales services, whenever you would need. We believe in open and lucid communication so that our customers won’t have to experience revisits or delays, making clear what repairs may need more time.

What do we have?

Our state of the art 25000 square foot facility and our San Diego Porsche specialists team will diagnose the real problem in time so that you won’t have to spend your entire day with us.

We have one of the best and largest Porsche repair facility in San Diego. Our licensed service technicians are factory trained and have years of experience in repairing Porsche cars, sedans and SUVs. What’s the best part about our services? You can get your car repairs on the same day.

Our services

We provide all-around services for your Porsche. Check out an exhaustive list of our services:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Turbo specialists
  • High performance car upgrades like accessory installation and brake enhancements
  • Repairs, suspension and modifications
  • Auto-logic computerized diagnostics
  • Complete body restoration

Do you know what’s the benefit of auto-logic computerized diagnostics? You pay for the real repairs.

Repairs and Services

  • Oil, lube and filter change
  • Replace oil filter or change engine oil
  • Check and correct fluid level
  • 27 point vehicle inspection
  • Inspection of fluid throttle linkage, hood latches, door latches, and trunk latch

Tire Care

From basic services like checking air pressure in tires to diagnosing uneven wear, we take complete care of your Porsche’s tires.

  • Air pressure check in tires and correcting it.
  • Recommending correct tIre size for your car and speed rating

Car Battery and Electrical Test

  • Measuring battery life and if there are any chances of pre-failures
  • Diagnosing electrical system

Power Steering

  • Diagnosis of power steering system
  • Detection of leaks and providing the necessary replacement of seals
  • Flushing of power steering fluid system
  • Checking for power steering fluid

Our other services include diagnosing brake, cooling and transmission of your Porsche. Looking for a San Diego Porsche Specialist?  Schedule your appointment today.