We are a team of experienced professionals and have been actively providing services to our valued clients, for more than two decades. The quality coupled with affordability add to the reliability of our services which has helped us develop a loyal customer base, over these years. 

Services Offered: AP Auto Spa is one stop solution to all your auto problems. Either is frame restructuring, dent repairing, body paint recovery, vehicle detailing, or simple wash, we are available to help you with our state of the art services. 


Some of the many services offered by the best auto body shop in San Diego

  • Auto Body Repair: It doesn’t matter how much damage your car has undergone, we will give its original shape back. When you meet an accident, contact us and we will help you with body repair of your vehicle. We deal in multiple services which range from dents repairs to paint recovery to frame restructuring. 
  • Auto Detailing: Of the many services offered at our auto body shop, one is car detailing. It involves thorough cleaning of your vehicle, both from the inside and out. The process involves cleaning, polishing, and waxing of car body along with complete cleaning of upholstery. 
  • Classic Car Restorations: If you have a classic ride and want to restore it to workable conditions then look no more. AP Auto Spa will help you restore a classic vehicle with the installation of new parts, new body paint, and every other things necessary for its top notch performance.  





Apart from these up discussed services, we a lot many other auto body services as well. Give us a call at (619) 382-2967, for more details.