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AP Auto Spa is a San Diego based company that has been in the detailing business for over 20 years
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Fender bender?  Major accident?  Or just a simple door ding?  No problem! San Diego Auto Body Repair Absolute Perfection is here to assist
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Absolute Perfection Auto Spa is equipped to handle major and minor repair services
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Established over 20 years as the specialists in auto body, Absolute perfection have built a fantastic reputation in San Diego for providing high quality services for auto body request-appointment-buttonrepair maintenances, repairs and appearance solutions.  Why choose us? We have technicians that are trained on all the latest technologies and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults in your car as quickly and as accurately as possible. At Absolute Perfection we provide economic, honest, and high quality auto body repairs that have indeed made us popular in San Diego.  Fender bender?  Major accident?  Or just a simple door ding?  No problem! Absolute Perfection is here to assist you every step of the way!  √ High Quality √ Cost Effective √ Efficient√ Convenient  We cover the entire auto body repair process from representing you in dealing with the insurance companies as your own private liaison, to arranging a rental car, physically repairing your vehicle to the highest possible standards, and delivering your vehicle back to you fully detailed and backed with a lifetime warranty. 

Absolute Perfection’s high standards of automobile painting and repair are far superior to that of our competitors due to our high quality products, repair procedures and level of integrity. AP specialists are capable of repairing everyday wear and tear to your car paintwork. We believe in delivering you a unique and deep auto body repair finish for your vehicle making you proud of your vehicle. We can save you both time and money!

Experts in Quality Auto Detailing

AP Auto Spa offers you a variety of professional detailing services to suit your vehicle needs. Our most popular packages include: Mini Detail, Wet N’ Wax Express, Exterior Detail, Interior Detail, Complete Detail, Executive Detail and Platinum Detail or check our car wash packages for a simple wash. We aim to be the best detailers in the San Diego area and always use the latest tools and products to assure that your vehicle will receive a top quality auto detailing service. AP team will help you choose the package suits you best. Contact us and we will guide you! Quality is really important for us . If you seek dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable professional detailers working to assure your car is at its absolute best look no further. 

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John H.
This place is about as good as it gets when talking about people who not only love cars but then put that kind of love into your car, that’s a very hard thing to find across all types of business. I have a 2006 BMW 530 XI wagon that started life as black, I really love this car and want to keep it for as long as it lasts, the paint was showing bad signs of dings rock chips scratches and UV damage plus some bad scrapes my lovely wife had done wile trying to reverse out of many different tight spots over the years. I found AP by just driving by one day and decided to go in and have a wash done, they did such a good job with the wash it uncovered so many deep scratches scrapes and the like that it made me look at the car in a different light, it has about 120,000 miles on it so it’s getting to that point where most people think about trading it in for something newer and more up to date. After talking with Mario (the boss) I had decided to re-spray the car, also lets change the color too 🙂 This is a huge job, completely dismantling the car to do a full paint job and it did take a good few weeks but it was so worth it the car looks like new again. All panels are smooth no more dents or scratches all the door jams perfectly painted, this was a very professional job indeed, I am so happy with the way it all came out. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is a true car lover because these guys will go above and beyond your expectations. I have a couple of other vehicles that I take here to get waxed and washed regularly and all the guys that work here are super cool and really show how much they love to be around cars, such an awesome place!
John H.

Josh H.
I’ve taken my car to a few places for body work and, by far, Absolute Perfection, was the best…value, work, service. I have a BMW and Absolute has done repair on my car in addition to doing a ‘cut/buff’.  The repair work was done to perfection…color and workmanship and was the best price when compared to a few other shops.  As for the cut/buff, my car is 7 years old and Absolute recommended this process in which they sand the clearcoat to get rid of imperfections and then buff it to a shine.  In short, my car looked like it just got a brand new paint job.  I have received many compliments on my car since. Overall, as other reviews have pointed out, Mario and his team are passionate about and take much pride in the work they do.  Absolute Perfection lives up to its name and what’s refreshing is that you don’t feel that you’ve been ‘had’…their pricing is very fair, especially given the quality of workmanship and service.  Great job Absolute, you’ve earned my business!
Josh H.

We believe in conforming to environmental regulations. We use an environmentally-friendly paint system that utilizes less water, and less waste. This means you can have your vehicle fixed without worrying about the impact of paint waste on the environment. Our san diego auto body repair technicians have chosen this field because their passion is vehicles. We have over 30 years of experience in the auto body repair industry, and we just keep getting better. We keep up with the latest auto body technology, and ensure that our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of auto detailing and repair. We utilize a guaranteed color match system to match the color on your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a touch-up or the entire door, we’ll provide a 100% color match so there are no breaks. We also use quality paint, rather than inferior paint brands, and we guarantee that the colors will be an accurate match.We only use the best tools and equipment to fix your vehicle. Please drop in today, or book an appointment to bring your car in to AP Auto Body San Diego. You’ll feel relieved when you see when your vehicle is restored to its original condition. We provide free estimates for auto body repairs. We will take the time and care to ensure that you’re provided with the most accurate assessment for your vehicle’s needs. If you’re pleased with the estimate, we can proceed at your convenience.