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From 1909 till today, Audi has been the landmark of class, elegance and exceptional performance. Audi is the name synonymous with high-quality vehicles, reflecting superior manufacturing and providing the best road experience in the market. Audi has been famous for producing well-engineered and reliable cars for decades now. However, maintaining an Audi is not a walkover. Hence, if you are looking for the best San Diego Audi Specialist, we are here to help!


For years and years now, we have shown our passion for repairing an Audi and keeping it topnotch for our clients. Our maintenance strategies reflect years of experience and quality workmanship. Our expertise in the field of Audi auto repairing make us the best San Diego Audi Specialist in the area. With our hi-tech and state-of-the-art equipment, we make sure that you are behind your Audi’s steering wheel in not time. Our San Diego Audi specialist technicians make sure to help each and every client, and help them save money and time!

We know how a car issue can be a daunting task, especially in a city like San Diego. We make sure to provide the right type of solutions for every problem, and keep our pricing criteria as affordable as possible. With our modernized auto repair facility, we make sure that you car is taken care of. We value our word-of-mouth and make sure to make your car topnotch, before handing it over to you!

We Make a Difference:

  • We provide all factory-scheduled maintenance and repairs needed because of day-to-day wear and tear.
  • We have professionally trained technicians with years of experience.
  • We can repair your warning lights, to keep you safe and sound.
  • Our team is a combination of ASE certified technicians.
  • Our Audi Computer Diagnostics are updated on a regular basis.

Common Problems in Your Audi:

Here is a list of few common problems in your Audi, and what causes them. The solution? Bring your Audi down to the best San Diego Audi Specialist.

  • Oil Leakage:

The Audi’s, especially the V6 usually have a oil leakage in the valve corners or the tensioner gasket seals. Make sure to bring your car down for repair, as the longer the problem goes, the lesser the oil, which can be catastrophic for the engine.

  • Clunking Sounds on Sharp Turns:

If you have neglected a previous repair needed on your Audi’s axle CV boot, you might hear a clunking noise every time you make a sharp turn. This can be caused if the axle joint is dried, due to the CV boot being worn out. If you haven’t taken your Audi for a repair yet, make sure to do it ASAP, as you’re only traveling on borrowed time.

  • Low Coolant Light:

There might be a fracture in the coolant reservoir, which make a noticeable coolant leakage under the car. This is usually why your low coolant light is on. Make sure to bring your car down to the best San Diego Audi Specialist ASAP.

Contact us today, get a quote, and we will make sure to prove that you are dealing with the best Audi Specialist San Diego in the market!