Car Dents can be very annoying. Specially, when one does not know where did it come from or why did it appear. The annoyance is valid, because they tend to distort the beauty of the car.

There are times when the car owner gets out on the road and is careful of maintaining the beauty of his car. He leaves the car own its own for sometime. But, when he returns, he sees IT- A Dent. The catch here is that dents do come with a reason but driving carefully is not the only precaution one has to take. There are many things you need to take care of:

1. Driving Safe

Trying to avoid vehicles like bikes causing hindrance in your way, the slightest touch can also cause a dent to appear.

Avoiding Big Vehicles

Making sure that you will be able to reverse drive without bumping into a pole or any other object, car in the way

Avoiding pebbles and small stones that would otherwise hit the lower body of the car causing damage.

2. Car Doors

The underlying causes of dents, are various bumps that are surely accidental but lead to the appearance of a dent. Often what happens is that you do not find a place to park your car. Then driving for at least 15 minutes or so, you finally find a place which is Oh No, packed with cars. So you should first try not to touch the car(s) beside you and park it safely. Secondly, no matter how tired or annoyed you are, make sure the place you find, has enough space at both sides of the car so that if the car door of the other car opens it does not hit your car.

3. Shopping Carts in the Parking Area

Shopping carts are usually left by individuals after they unload their stuff in the car. The shopping carts are left there and then, scattered randomly all over the parking area. A slightest touch may make the cart move and it may bump your car. The bump will lead to a dent. If a cart is around when you are in the parking area, keep it away in a section away from your car and others.

4. Hailstorms

Mistakes by individuals may be one basic cause coming up in different ways but nature also plays a role in distorting the beauty of your car. Even though there are some cars that cannot be affected by the strange gifts nature showers on them but cars of older models are in peril to dents because they are made of materials the are comparitively less durable to the newer models.

5. Leisure Time Sports

Sports like frisbee, baseball or even soccer played by your neighbors can happen to land inside your area where your car is parked. The landing can not be determined to take place away from your car; it might slightly touch your car that will cause a dent.

6. Drive through Car Wash

Automatic Car Wash is a YAY because your car gets cleaned. But, it can at the same time cause a dent if it bumps into something while it is on the conveyor.

Besides driving safely, make sure you keep a check of all the points mentioned above. Have a nice Car Day!