Have you ever experienced your auto-motive’s engine getting seized in the middle of nowhere? Do you think this is because your car is getting old and losing its durability? Think again!

Every person who owns a car and drives one, needs to know the proper ways of maintaining an automotive. Auto maintenance is one of those scenarios, which should not be neglected if your desire your car to run smoothly, in the future as well. Like any other machine, your car needs certain checkups once in a while, to make sure that everything is topnotch and perfect.

Auto maintenance can greatly enhance your car’s performance and longevity, increasing the chances of a better resale value in the future as well. When it comes to maintenance of your car, a regular oil change is one of the easiest and the most important options. Your car needs fresh oil change almost twice a month, in order to make sure that the suspension and engine are working properly.

However, most people are not properly familiar with how a regular oil change of your car can help you in the maintenance of your automotive. Moving on, let us talk about some of the most significant reasons, your car needs an oil change every once in a while.

Lubrication of Engine:
The main goal of having an oil change for your car is to make sure that all the moving parts such as the valves or the pistons are lubricated, which prevents them from grinding against each other and reduces the friction which is created between the parts. As a result, there is a lesser chance of a short circuit between the engine parts.

Cooling the Components:
One of the major reasons you need to get an oil change after running your car for over a month, is the cooling of components and the maintenance of temperature, within the engine. Engine oil helps to absorb the heat, derived from the engine components, and cools them down simultaneously.

To Prevent Sludge:
As you get an oil change, it moves throughout the engine, collecting several kinds of debris, dirt and dust. After a while, this mixture turns into a muddy form and can prevent the engine components from working properly. An oil change twice a month can prevent this from happening.

Replacement of Oil Filter:
The replacement of oil filter is common, when you are getting an oil change. An oil filter mainly helps to prevent the sludge from settling onto the engine components. Hence, an engine oil will most probably urge to change your oil filter as well.

Maintain Oil Levels:
Mostly people forget to check the oil level from the oil gauge. This can cause serious damage to the engine and the components separately. Changing the engine oil at least twice a month can help maintain a proper oil level in your car.

Changing the oil of your car regularly is one of the most important steps, you take towards maintaining the longevity and condition of your car. Hence, the next time your car troubles while you are on your way to the office, consider getting an oil change