In the past many people had to rely on the best match to their vehicle’s paint color, and hope that no one noticed it wasn’t an exact match. The only other option was to have the entire vehicle repainted, at their own expense. Today, the best auto body shops are able to utilize the science of auto body color matching, so that your vehicle will retain a consistent paint color, even if only the door or hood was fixed.

Often damages to a car’s paint job are localized to a hood, trunk, or one of the doors. Damage can vary from a dent or ding, to deliberate vandalizing such as keying a door. No matter what it is, most vehicle owners decide to have their car or truck damage fixed and repaired. This means that the car’s paint job will need to be redone in that particular spot.

It takes an experienced auto body technician to understand the science of color. They don’t just take a spray paint can off the shelf and hope for the best. They use modern day auto body color match technology. It begins with determining what is the exact color of the vehicle. Once that has been determined, it will need to be matched up with an existing color, or if not available, recreated or mixed to be the exact match.

Auto body technicians use technology, such as computers, to obtain that seamless and flawless color match.

When your vehicle was first painted, it was formulated and labeled with a specific color code. But most people know that paint colors can vary by batch shade, or even by whichever paint supplier has provided the paint to the car manufacturer. These paint colors are sorted by a computerized color match system.

While a vehicle’s original paint color can be determined by this color match technology, it still doesn’t mean that it will be an exact match. If you’ve ever painted a wall, or bought fabric or yarn for a project, you may have noticed how the color can vary if the batch codes vary. Even sunlight and age can affect your vehicle’s paint color over time.

This may result in the paint color varying through slightly different colors and variations. Even the temperature, air pressure and substrate composition can cause minute distinctions between vehicle and paint.

To get around these variations, the auto body repair technicians will use their skills, and use a blending paint application system. They begin by applying the paint to the damaged portion of the vehicle, and then they gradually blend it around the surrounding panels and regions to achieve a flawless transition.

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