There is always that dreaded moment when you drive a brand new vehicle off the lot. No, we’re not talking about it depreciating 15% the moment it’s off the lot—we’re talking about that first ding or scratch you get. It can be heartbreaking to see that first blemish on your brand new car.

As your car gets older, it may slowly accumulate the odd scratch or dent. Is it possible to determine when you should have these dents or scratches repaired? Often it’s simply not in the budget to have your entire car refinished. What are the options?

It may not be as expensive as you think. Often a  or door may be the parts of a vehicle that suffer the most damage. You may wish to focus on one section at a time.

Are you planning on selling your vehicle in the future? How it looks may affect how much money you can get for it. An auto detailing business can help to get your car looking new again. Often minor scratches can be covered with a car wax and then buffed out with a polish. You’ll need to decide whether spending hundreds in repairs will get you that much more money, or whether a simple auto detailing may be of greater benefit. Used car buyers may prefer a well-running vehicle to one that looks perfect.

Are you getting your car ready for a special event? Perhaps it’s going to be in a parade or required for a wedding. It may benefit from a good auto detailing before it’s presented to the public.

Are you embarrassed by all the dings and scratches on your car? Perhaps you can ask a buddy what they think about your car. Other people may not notice what you do. But if they say you need to get that big dent fixed in your door, perhaps it’s time to focus on that first.

Many business professionals are also required to keep their automobiles looking perfect. It’s a part of the business package. You’re not only selling your company’s services, but yourself in that three-piece suit, and the lifestyle to go along with it, which means a meticulously maintained car. Plus, if you ever have to drive other colleagues around, are they going to feel confident of your abilities if you have dents and scratches all over your vehicle?

Some people choose to not be worried about the odd dent or scratch on a car. They can happen for so many different reasons. There’s often more to worry about in life than how your car got bumped or keyed. Most people choose to spend the money on more important things.

But if your solution to covering up a bad dent or scratch on a vehicle is with one that’s even larger than the first, it may be time to drive your car or truck to AP Auto Spa. Quotes are always free!