In order to choose a collision repair shop that works in the best interests of the vehicle owner, one needs to get into enough accidents in their lifetime to know exactly what they are doing. Because an auto accident is thankfully an uncommon occurrence, we usually seek advice from the insurance company, which often leads them to make repairs that work more to their financial benefit rather than the actual vehicle owner.

The insurance company’s advice will be based on the following:
Faster repairs
Since the insurance companies are the ones paying for the collision repair charges, they frequently want to deal with the job at hand in the fastest way possible. It is a desirable act but not when it comes to high impact collision. In that case, the repair would require a certain attention to detail which is often ignored in such circumstances. The time saved in the repairing process is not actually to the benefit of the vehicle owner. This is one of the reasons why quick repairs are not always considered an incentive.

Repairs at cheaper rates
High collision impacts demand attention to detail and some repairing, which is often not possible at cheaper rates. In order to save on the cost, the insurance companies frequently send cars to a shop which can get the job done at a much cheaper cost. This may benefit the insurance company, but isn’t always beneficial for the car’s owner.

Tactics the insurers adopt
In order to achieve this, the insurers are adopting certain tactics.
They may send your car to their own shops in order to get the job done at much cheaper rates in a shorter amount of time. These shops work in the ways that benefit the insurer rather than the owner of the vehicle. These shops are certainly not for the benefit of the car owners since they hardly ever put up a fight to do something that would work for the benefit of the car esp. after the high collision impact. These collision repair shops follow their own methods to make the most profit out of these hassles.
They may even lie and fabricate stories about the good collision repair shops to keep the customers away from them.

How to select a good collision repair shop?
With so much confusion and doubt, it often becomes difficult to make the right call. These are some tips to help you make the right decision:

1) Go to a shop that doesn’t hesitate to inform you of your rights before starting with the job.
2) Instead of blindly following the insurer’s advice, go to a shop which is suggested by someone you personally know.
3) In order to learn about what quality repair facilities are in your area, talk to the local collectors or car clubs, research online and read reviews, and spend a little time becoming well informed of your options.