There is no doubt that auto-body work can cost you a small fortune. Accidents are frightening but they can be financially exhausting, and thus, you have to be aware of the consequences before any accident occurs. 

Here are a few tips for you to consider:

Be Prepared for Support:
You have to be prepared for the full deductible amount yourself, as the insurance companies normally do not pay for the accident if it’s your fault.

Know The System:
Make sure that you know about the repair shops that your insurance company recommends, as many companies take shortcuts to save money.

Get Multiple Estimates:
Try visiting multiple repair shops, independent shops, chains and outlets to get an estimate about the amount required to pay off the auto body work. 

Know About Replacement Parts:
Some of the companies use inexpensive replacement parts and charge you for the original equipment. Thus, make sure that you know about the prices and appearance of the OEM parts.

The Repair Shop Rate:
You can surf the internet to locate the shops in your area, which meets your key performance standards. There are numerous websites which provide you with the rate list that most repair shops offer in your area.
Check The Reputation And Complaint History:
Check the reputation of the company that you are considering with the BBB of your state or the consumer affairs department.

Clarify Your Car Rental Expenses:
The auto-body work can take weeks at a time, and thus, you would be spending your time on a rented car. If you already pay a fee for the rental-car insurance then you might get reimbursed for a rental vehicle.

Is It a Foreign Car? :
The repair shops require special certification if the car is European, as they require special equipment to repair the aluminum and hard steel parts of your car. However, the insurance company should pay for the special parts.

Do Not Rely on Your Insurer’s Warranty:
It is vital for you to know whether if the insurance company offers a warranty on the replacement parts of your car. Moreover, try going to the repair shop which offers guarantee of their services, and the manufacturers who guarantee their replacement parts.

Inspect the Bill Properly:
If you are liable to pay for the auto-body work yourself, then make sure that no service is executed by the repair shop without your authorization. It is your duty to inspect the bill carefully in order to know which services were carried out and that there is no error in the bill. Reputable shops will retain all replaced parts and thoroughly explain all services rendered.