There comes a time when most vehicle owners think about buying a new car. It may be after one too many strange noises heard from the engine, or when a repair quote ends up being in the thousands of dollars. It could be at a time when someone makes a disparaging comment about your vehicle. You may be thinking that it may be time to get a new car.

It can be a difficult decision to sell a car. It’s been a reliable mode of transportation for many years. Perhaps it’s been working so well, but you don’t wish to press your luck. But often there are no guarantees. People can buy a lemon, even if it’s a brand new car. And that’s where regret will set in that you’ve now made a hasty decision.

Before deciding, consider how much your vehicle is costing you for maintenance. It can be normal to spend a couple thousand per year on it. Hopefully you’ve been smart and been able to spread repair expenses over one year. If your car is still good to you, you may want to keep it for a a few more years.

Many people choose to drive their cars into the ground, rather than trying to keep their vehicle in the best shape possible, considering that a higher resale value is important. These are the types of people who often trade in vehicles after a few years of ownership. These vehicles may be taken to an auto detailer before being sold, in order to restore them to a spotless like-new appearance.

Other people may bring their cars to an auto detailer only for special occasions, or because they wish to save money. An auto detailer may also perform simple maintenance and auto repairs, to help keep your vehicle on the road for longer.

Many people manage to avoid the DOR—Dead On Road—issue and can unload their vehicles before they actually reach the point where they are irreparable.

Something you may not have considered is to ask your trusted mechanic at the auto repair shop for their opinion on your vehicle. They can give you a good indication if your vehicle may be good for a few more years, or if it’s going to cost you a lot of money in repairs during that time.

It’s difficult to save money during this downward economy, but it’s always a good idea to have a plan in place for your next vehicle. Even if you save only $20 a month, that will still be a decent down payment on your next car.

Unless you’re a business professional who may benefit from a new leased car every year, you’re likely going to want to get the maximum out of your vehicle. Keep it regularly maintained, and take it in for a good detailing every now and then. The better you look after your vehicle, the better your vehicle will be reliable and look after you.