If you live in San Diego you may notice that there are dozens of car detailing businesses to choose from. Just what’s the attraction to having a car detailing shop do all the work for you? Can’t you just clean your car all by yourself? This may be true, but hiring a car detailing place to clean and detail your car, truck, or automobile has many benefits.

1. It frees up time for you. If you’re like most people, you have difficulty finding time to do what you really want to do. It seems like no sooner are you home then you have to clean out the basement, do the dishes, vacuum, or any of the other myriad tasks around the home. Imagine being able to drop your car off at the auto detailer shop and then go for a walk. Or go shopping, walk the kids to the park, anything fun. Plus, the auto detailer also offers premium services such as a buff and wax to make your car look like shiny new.

2. A perfectly clean car is required for work. Imagine how embarrassed you’d be if you ran into one of your business associates and they saw how terrible your car looked! You may need to sell them something for their business but they may be thinking how good your services are when you can’t even maintain your own vehicle.benefits-of-car-detailing-san-diego

3. It’ll make your used car look like new. This is particularly important if you’re planing on selling your vehicle. You may be hoping to get the best price possible on a trade in, or you may be planning on selling your car yourself, through local online selling sites. Either way, a vehicle that is free of dust, dirt, and scratches is certain to sell quickly.

4. You’ll be able to ask for a higher selling price. Unfortunately for buyers, but fortunately for sellers, a car that looks great is going to sell for a higher price. It doesn’t even make sense, as a car that has been regularly maintained should technically command a higher price on the auto lot. But auto owners place a high cost on appearance. If you can play that game well—also known as “sending the vehicle to the car detailer—you can ask for several hundreds of dollars more. Even better, you can have the engine shampooed too. The cost of the auto detailing will more than pay itself back to you in an increased selling price.

5. There is satisfaction in having your vehicle look great. Visiting an auto detailer can mean the difference between having a perfectly buffed and polished vehicle, where even the hub caps sparkle, or having a dull dirty vehicle because you “never get around to it”. There is truly something satisfying about heading out to the parking lot to see how great your car looks.

There can be many benefits to car detailing in San Diego, but the main one is that your vehicle will look fantastic, without you having to do any work at all!