When people hear about auto detailing, most will think about spraying new coat of paint, applying decals, or even paint brushing certain patterns to the body. Auto detailing is not about customization; it is a process that involves thorough cleaning of a car with the intention to highlight every little details, hence auto detailing. Both exterior and interior parts are meticulously treated and cleaned to restore its beauty. The basic process is the same, but every auto detailing company has its own way to do it. The purpose is also the same, and properly done auto detailing offers the following benefits.

Good Health
A very big car can probably take six or seven human passengers and a pet or two, but that is not the case at all. Similar to any vehicle, a car has millions (if not billions) of microscopic occupants whether they are attached to the exterior parts, inside the seats, on the dashboard, or on the windscreen. Believe it or not, allergens and germs thrive in car. Although a car appears to be very clean, there is an ongoing accumulation of dirt, debris, and dust in the carpet, upholstery, and other parts. Food crumbs also make the car a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, breed, and thrive. Auto detailing helps to remove all those strangers from the car by vacuuming, washing, and sterilization by using human-friendly cleaning solution.
High Resale Value
It goes without saying that clean cars attract more potential buyers. Even when two cars are exactly the same, the cleaner one looks better, more reliable, and well-maintained. Let us not forget that prospective buyers are likely to test drive the car for a mile or two, meaning interior cleanliness plays major role in the purchasing decision. If you plan to sell your car, proper auto detailing and maintenance will make the car look and feel as if it just came out of the factory hours ago.
High Details
While auto detailing is rarely part of regular maintenance, it is necessary to retain car’s good look and certainly worth the time and effort. Unlike regular car wash where your car gets shiny exterior only, auto detailing is much more thorough and therefore it makes the car cleaner in and out. Auto detailing takes more time than regular washing, and it may take several people to make sure every little part of the car is clean.
Better Protection
Apart from cleaning, auto detailing also ensures that the exterior paint has better protection from the element. Some people think that a clear coat from the factory is an adequate protection but this is not true because painted surfaces are prone to contamination and oxidation. To give it better protection, it requires wax coat at least twice a year.

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